Today’s the day: HOLD FAST starts making its way into the world! We are thrilled to share the first single from the new album, called Northern Star. It’s a bigger and bolder sound for us – dynamic peaks and valleys, and a story of forward momentum, the journey, and one’s sense of home, highlighted by a driving rhythm.

Catherine was moved to write the chorus of Northern Star after hearing stories of refugees moving to Canada, and imagining what that journey must be like…The loss of one’s home, and having to uproot after trauma. The song reflects the need for some kind of compass, guidance and purpose on an uncertain path. When Andrew wrote the verses separately, not knowing the point of her inspiration, the chorus and verses aligned in a way that was surprising and exciting. 

There’s a quickening of the blood / Inside the hammer of your heart
To know where you are going / You’ve got to find out where you are

Purchase or listen to Northern Star here: iTunes + AppleMusic | Spotify

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HOLD FAST! We can’t wait to share this year’s journey with you.
-Catherine and Andrew


IMAGE: Fortunate Ones Hold Fast Album Cover by Vanessa Heins

We are so excited to share the cover of HOLD FAST with you! Vanessa Heins has shot some of the world’s biggest and brightest artists including Bill Murray, Blue Rodeo, Lights, Hannah Georgas and so many more — and we could not be more thrilled about our collaboration with her for our 2018 release. 

The shoot took place at Neighbourhood Studio in Toronto. There’s nothing like a great photo to give your confidence a little boost and we’re sending high fives to Vanessa for knocking the album cover photo out of the park!

Say cheese!


Our 2018 tour in support of Alan Doyle has been expanded to include stops throughout the U.S.! We can’t wait to see you out on the road. Head over to to grab tickets.

IMAGE: Fortunate Ones 2018 Tour

Cat & Andrew