HOLD FAST is here!

At long last, it is time for us to share HOLD FAST with you. We are so thankful for all your support, and are thrilled to share this album with you. This album is about examining how you started, the doubts and trials and that ultimately deepen understanding and enrich bonds, acknowledging losses that made room for what you have now, and celebrating persistence.

We could not have created this album without the support of some very special humans. Dan Ledwell, our extraordinary producer; Alan Doyle, Tim Baker and Meg Warren, our writing collaborators; the players on this record — Dan Ledwell, Mike Belyea, Jim Bryson, Kinley Dowling, David Christensen, Alexa Dirks, The Good Lovelies (Caroline Brooks, Kerri Ough & Susan Passmore); and Rose Cousins, our steadfast supporter and head of Old Farm Pony Records. We are so thankful for each of these individuals and their dedication to bringing this album to life with us.

And we are thankful for YOU. For each of you who come to our shows, who share our music with your friends, who give us encouragement on the road when we need it most. Thank you for giving us the great privilege of making music for a living. HOLD FAST is for you.

Head over to the music page to pick up your copy today. xo,

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