ALL WILL BE WELL (holiday EP)2016

Christmas is our favourite time of year. When the air gets cold and leaves start falling we resist the urge to prematurely spin Bing Crosby, sing Silver Bells through the halls and watch our favourite Christmas movies. We love the season.

Produced by Mark Neary
“What We Got” and “This Empty Street” written by Andrew James O’Brien & Catherine Allan
“Christmas Without You” written by Dolly Parton and Steve Goldstein
“Last Christmas” written by George Michael
“Come On! Let’s Boogey to the Elf Dance!” by Sufjan Stevens
“Blue Christmas” written by Billy Hayes and Jay W Johnson

THE BLISS (remix) 2016

Remix by Daniel Ledwell


  • 1. Solitary Sparks
  • 2. Wherever You Go
  • 3. Lay Me Down
  • 4. Without A Name
  • 5. A Light Will Come
  • 6. I’d Wait For Anyone Who Would Wait For Me
  • 7. Picture In A Frame
  • 8. Oaks and Willows
  • 9. Someday Love
  • 10. The Bliss
  • 11. Carry On

Lyrics & Liner Notes

Produced, engineered and mixed by Daniel Ledwell
Except “Solitary Sparks” and “The Bliss” mixed by Howie Beck
Mastered by Joao Carvalho at Joao Carvalho Mastering
Art direction and layout by Jud Haynes
Cover painting by Mike Gough
Inside photo by Rose Cousins


  • 1. House on Fire
  • 2. City Song
  • 3. Thank You
  • 4. All These Things
  • 5. Go Easy (ft. Amelia Curran)
  • 6. Through My Days
  • 7. West Street Serenade
  • 8. On The Radio
  • 9. We Were A Boat
  • 10. Like You Do
  • 11. La La La
  • 12. Built To Last

Engineered and produced by Mark Neary
Additional engineering by Justin Merdsoy

Mixed by Scott Hammond
Mastered by Noah Mintz at The Lacquer Channel
Art direction and layout by Jud Haynes
Paintings by Benjamin Allain



Performed by Fortunate Ones
– Catherine Allan: Vocals, keys, accordion
– Andrew James O’Brien: Vocals, guitars, percussion
– Mark Neary: Vocals, bass, percussion
– Andrew Dale: Vocals, banjo, mandolin
– Matthew Byrne: Vocals
– Doug Dorward: Vocals
– Justin Merdsoy: Vocals

Written by Sufjan Stevens (ASCAP)
Publisher: New Jerusalem Music (ASCAP)
Label: Old Farm Pony Records, Halifax NS CANADA

Produced by Mark Neary
Engineered and mixed by Justin Merdsoy
Mastered by Joao Carvalho Mastering
Cover painting by Meaghan Smith
Design by Jud Haynes

11×14 special edition hand printed numbered limited quantity “Clock” prints by Jud Haynes, St. John’s Newfoundland ( )