Touring with Alan Doyle

I remember the first time meeting Alan Doyle, through mutual friends of ours at the Duke of Duckworth in St. John’s. He was such a celebrity to me that I LITERALLY couldn’t look him in the face. I couldn’t believe I was meeting him. We’d listen to Great Big Sea albums on family trips growing up, so his voice is firmly planted in so many amazing memories of mine. But what is really special to me is that as a person, Alan has been so giving to Andrew and I – from advice and support to writing and recording with us. It’s true that it’s called the music industry but it’s clear as day that it’s so much more to him than just business. And he’s given us so much strength to keep pursuing what we’re doing.

Alan has been such an important part of Newfoundland’s cultural landscape for so long that it feels as though he’s always been here. His music, and the music of Great Big Sea, has been our soundtrack growing up in this province.

It’s a surreal feeling to go from fan to peer to friend with someone who has unknowingly played such a role in shaping your creative taste and cultural awareness. Great Big Sea were instrumental in paving the way for the musicians that followed them. They gave us the courage to bring the diverse music of Newfoundland and Labrador to a national and international stage with confidence and conviction. They turned the nation’s attention to the east coast and showed that world class music and art was being made in the coves and harbours of Newfoundland. Bands like Hey Rosetta!, The Once, Amelia Curran and so many more have followed in GBS’s footsteps, proudly sharing their own spin on the heritage of our province.

We were very lucky indeed to co-write with Alan for our new album. It has been a fantastic learning experience, and made it clear to us how important mentorship is. Alan’s generosity of time and energy spent with us has really been a driving force behind our recent efforts. The boisterous, affable and giving person you see on stage at his shows is the same person who willingly gives so much to other artists coming up behind him. Alan looms large in the Fortunate Ones narrative – co-writing, recording our demos, lending advice, sharing knowledge and experience freely without any expectation of return. He is an example of kindness and selflessness that we try to emulate in our own lives.

To be able to share stages across Canada and the US with such a great friend and mentor feels like a dream. We’re playing some stunning venues and watch sidestage, with joy, night after night, the all-or-nothing performances that have become Alan’ calling card – a true honour.


Check out Alan’s latest album A Week at the Warehouse on Spotify and visit to learn more about one of Canada’s most treasured artists. 


Today’s the day: HOLD FAST starts making its way into the world! We are thrilled to share the first single from the new album, called Northern Star. It’s a bigger and bolder sound for us – dynamic peaks and valleys, and a story of forward momentum, the journey, and one’s sense of home, highlighted by a driving rhythm.

Catherine was moved to write the chorus of Northern Star after hearing stories of refugees moving to Canada, and imagining what that journey must be like…The loss of one’s home, and having to uproot after trauma. The song reflects the need for some kind of compass, guidance and purpose on an uncertain path. When Andrew wrote the verses separately, not knowing the point of her inspiration, the chorus and verses aligned in a way that was surprising and exciting. 

There’s a quickening of the blood / Inside the hammer of your heart
To know where you are going / You’ve got to find out where you are

Purchase or listen to Northern Star here: iTunes + AppleMusic | Spotify

And if you’re looking for something extra special, check out our pre-order packages that include everything from our favourite local coffee and handmade mugs to our favorite game night essentials to personalized lyrics made just for you.

HOLD FAST! We can’t wait to share this year’s journey with you.
-Catherine and Andrew


IMAGE: Fortunate Ones Hold Fast Album Cover by Vanessa Heins

We are so excited to share the cover of HOLD FAST with you! Vanessa Heins has shot some of the world’s biggest and brightest artists including Bill Murray, Blue Rodeo, Lights, Hannah Georgas and so many more — and we could not be more thrilled about our collaboration with her for our 2018 release. 

The shoot took place at Neighbourhood Studio in Toronto. There’s nothing like a great photo to give your confidence a little boost and we’re sending high fives to Vanessa for knocking the album cover photo out of the park!

Say cheese!


Our 2018 tour in support of Alan Doyle has been expanded to include stops throughout the U.S.! We can’t wait to see you out on the road. Head over to to grab tickets.

IMAGE: Fortunate Ones 2018 Tour

Cat & Andrew


Over the summer, we went back into the studio with producer Daniel Ledwell in Lake Echo, Nova Scotia and recorded a new album! We will be making a series of announcements in the coming months.

The album and several custom-made packages are available for pre-order on our website and at shows, and we are asking folks to sign up on the email list and follow us on Facebook to stay updated.


We’re thrilled to announce we’ll be hitting the road supporting our buddy Alan Doyle on his Canadian album release dates in 2018. These shows are in some of the most beautiful venues in Canada. This tour is particularly special as we’ve been doing some writing with Alan – one song that Andrew cowrote called Fall is on Alan’s new record A Week At The Warehouse, and Alan has also cowritten some songs that will be on the new record that we’re currently working on.

Here are the tour dates! Click over to to grab tickets.
FEB.20 Peterborough ON
FEB.21 Kitchener ON
FEB.22 Kingston ON
FEB.23 Montreal QC
FEB.24 Toronto ON
FEB.25 Ottawa ON
MARCH 4 Winnipeg MB
MARCH 6 Saskatoon SK
MARCH 7 Regina SK
MARCH 8 Edmonton AB
MARCH 9 Calgary AB
MARCH 10 Vancouver BC
MAY 1 Fredericton NB
MAY 2 Saint John NB
MAY 3 Moncton NB
MAY 4 Halifax NS

We’ll be debuting new material on this tour as well… MORE ON THAT SOON! 


Cat & Andrew


6-song holidy EP including 2 new original Christmas songs
available on CD and digital – pre-order at


Christmas is our favourite time of year. When the air gets cold and leaves start falling we resist the urge to prematurely spin Bing Crosby, sing Silver Bells through the halls and watch our favourite Christmas movies. We love the season, so it wasn’t a stretch for us to get into the holiday spirit to record this EP.

Produced by Mark Neary (The Once/Amelia Curran), All Will Be Well was recorded in St. John’s, Newfoundland. We had some wonderful local musicians play on the EP, including Andrew Dale (The Once), Phil Maloney (Hey Rosetta!), and Emilia Bartellas (The Dardanelles). This collection of songs is a tip of the hat to a handful of classics that we love, but also an opportunity to put into words and music our own feelings about the season.

The songs on the EP have special meaning to us, and our goal was to capture the joy and nostalgia that we feel for this time of year. For us, Christmas is a time of year for reflection, appreciation and gratitude and we hope that these sentiments come through the music on All Will Be Well.

RELEASE DATE: November 4, 2016
TITLE: All Will Be Well

NEW VIDEO for Lay Me Down

The fancy new video for our song Lay Me Down premiered on Much last night, and now it’s online – thanks to The Bluegrass Situation for the online premiere! Click here to watch!

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 1.20.28 PM

This is the video we shot with our MuchFact Award that we received as part of the Juno/Slaight Master Class we did last fall. The wonderful team at Brought to You By really brought the mood to life. Big ups to all hands involved!



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