Steady As She Goes Available Now!

Steady as She Goes, the second track off our new album HOLD FAST, is available now! Pre-order the album to receive both Steady As She Goes and Northern Star as immediate downloads.

Steady As She Goes was written with Alan Doyle and another good friend of ours, Tim Baker from Hey Rosetta!. It is a personal one for us that was written during and about the wildfires that ripped through Fort McMurray, Alberta in 2016. We had family that were directly affected by the fires, forced to leave their homes and belongings without the guarantee of returning to all that they had to leave behind. It was a frightening time for a lot of people and we felt a kind of helplessness as we watched the events unfold.

We wanted to write a song that could be a light in those dark days for our friends, family and the people of Fort McMurray. A beacon of hope to hold on to. We watched from what seemed like a world away, as first responders, EMTs, firefighters, police officers and civilians from all over the country ran fearlessly into the flames to try and salvage anything they could, the lives that had been built, trying to save a town that was being engulfed on all sides by wildfire. Steady as She Goes is a testament to those courageous helpers, the human spirit, resilience and hope.

Take what you can she said / Let the rest go up in flames
We’ll be alright I bet / it’s the faces in the frames that kept the house up anyway

It has filled our hearts to see the response to this song since we’ve started playing it live, to hear from people that experienced those terrifying times and to see that they are carrying on, making peace with what happened and rebuilding. Our hope is to, in our own small way, show solidarity and community with our friends in Fort Mac and to remind them that they are not alone.

We hope you enjoy Steady as She Goes, that you find something in it for yourself, be it hope, courage, strength, solace. It is our gift to you.
Catherine & Andrew

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