SURPRISE VIDEO for “Oaks and Willows”

“Oaks and Willows” Video:

Released Friday November 6, 2015 at 12pm Eastern
by Fortunate Ones and the team at Brought To You By – because it had to happen.

In the spring of 2015, we reached out to film/video production company Brought To You By to discuss creation of a music video for one of the “focus tracks” from THE BLISS. The company came back with three concepts for us to choose from.

Their work was smart. Professional. The image/story boards presented showed a true understanding of the aesthetic of our art and the meaning in our music. We were moved.

That was only the beginning.

Three days ago, we woke to an email in our inbox from Tatjana Green of Brought To You By with a link to a music video for “Oaks and Willows.”  She, her business partner Matthew Barnett, and their team were so inspired by the song, and ideas that came to them from that song, that they felt they simply HAD to make a video for it.  So they did. They had been working on it for months.  We didn’t know!

A snippet from Tatjana’s email:
“Hope you have been keeping well. We’ve been thinking a lot about you and the Fortunate Ones since we hope to create some great films for you soon.  We have a little surprise that the team has been working on for quite a while – and thinking about since we first proposed doing the Oaks & Willows concept presented a few months ago.  The song has been on everyone’s playlist and resonated with each team member in a different way – be it stemming from a place of loss of a mother, father, lover, wife etc. – it only seemed fitting to allow for the visuals and ideas to come to life for everyone.  We took it upon ourselves and our limited free time to find a way to shoot the concept for the song. Everyone involved came on board from our network (NY, Virginia, Toronto and the outskirts) for free to support the idea and bring it to fruition. It’s obviously a song and holds a lot of meaning that each can resonate with and feel deeply about. …”

They ALL came together to shoot and make this video.  As a team project, labor of love.

Case study about the making of the video:

The video hit us like a train. We were in a hotel room in Ontario, in the middle of a month long tour, and this stunning, artful creation knocked us off our feet. To see our music elevated visually like this was completely overwhelming.

The song “Oaks and Willows” was written after the funeral of a close family member. During the service the church was divided in two halves- family on one side, friends of family on the other. The friends were quite stoic and reserved while the family on the other side was visibly upset.  The juxtaposition of the two sides was quite striking and conjured images of the strong and immovable oak verses the malleable and movable willow.  The stark contrast between the two sides and the somber atmosphere was profound.

The song is so personal. Knowing that it inspired a group of people to create such an incredible piece of art is moving to us.

It’s one of the best gifts we’ve ever been given.  We’re so grateful to the Brought To You By team that it’s hard to put into words.

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